Ginger Pig Sundays

Woke up early to the most beautiful sunny Sunday, and bounded out of bed to hotfoot it across Victoria Park to the Ginger Pig, stopping only to greet an unfamiliar man in his boxers making tea in my kitchen (nothing to do with me).

A Sunday-morning butcher trip is a bit of a tradition of mine (I’ve done it twice) and aside from the rabbit I came out for, I was seduced by some thick, shining lamb chops. Stopped on my way back at the greatest brunch spot in London to grab a coffee, then it was off out to the deepest, darkest suburbs for an old schoolfriend’s birthday lunch (girls only, no wine).

Back later to feed the chops to the troops. Sat them (the chops) for an hour in my favourite Nigel lamb marinade (as used on a leg in the best cookbook ever). Served with pea puree (craving evidently not quite curbed; loosened today with creme fraiche instead of olive oil), plus golden sauteed potatoes. And wine.



Nigel’s cumin, lemon & mint lamb marinade


In a blender, blitz the juice of two lemons, a large bunch of mint, two fat cloves of garlic, three big pinches of cumin seed. Season, then add enough olive oil to make a good, spreadable slush.


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