A helpful tip for getting the best out of your butcher: five-inch heels. Not many meat-buyers wear them, but I always do and I’ve found they go down a treat with the invariably all-male staff. A couple of weeks ago, my butcher reopened the shop for me when I turned up just after closing time; last week it was free sausages with my chicken. It’s not strictly a cooking tip, sure, but it works.

Anyhow, I used the sausages to make a toad-in-the-hole to accompany the Masterchef final with posh housemate P, and though I’ve got my billowing Yorkshire down to a fine art and the Ginger Pig whoppers are incredibly tasty, eating this:



while looking at this:



made me feel like a farm animal feeding at a trough.


Perfect Yorkshire batter

2 medium eggs
150ml milk + 100ml water
125g plain flour


Beat together eggs, milk and a pinch of salt, well. Leave to stand for ten mins. Sift in the flour and beat away all lumps. Finally, beat in enough water to produce a batter with the consistency of double cream. Leave to stand for another ten mins.


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