Well, the veg season may have moved on since I last posted, but I’m still stuck in my stuff-on-sourdough moment. In fact, I had stuff-on-sourdough for both lunch and dinner today. First up: yellow, cherry and plum tomato with avocado, goats cheese and wild garlic.



And then, even better stuff for dinner:



Poached egg, bacon, wild garlic & creme fraiche bruschetta


Put a pan of water on to simmer. Chop two rashers of bacon into little strips. Fry until the fat colours. Remove pan from heat and stir in roughly chopped wild garlic leaves. They will wilt. Season. Slide two eggs into the water (barely simmering, so the bubbles don’t even come to the surface). Use a spoon to wrap the floaty egg whites around the yolk, leave for 3 mins, take out and drain. Meanwhile, put some slices of sourdough under the grill. To assemble: garlic & bacon, egg on top, tbsp of creme fraiche, seasoning, chopped parsley, pinch of cayenne.



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2 responses to “Bruschette

  1. Jenny

    Great blog and these sounds amazing!! Will be doing them very soon! x

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