Pasta with broad beans, bacon, leek & almonds

First, put

some pasta

on. Meanwhile: boil

two large handfuls of broad beans

for a couple of minutes until tender. Drain and cool under the cold tap. Turn on the oven – temperature doesn’t matter – and slide in a baking tray scattered with

sliced almonds

– they’ll take maybe five minutes to lightly toast. Chop and fry

four rashers of smoked bacon (or pancetta)

in olive oil. Remove from pan. Add a bit more oil,

a finely chopped garlic clove

for a minute on its own, then add and fry

two sliced leeks

gently until soft. Season, but easy on the salt because of the cured pig.  Now to assemble: stir the beans and bacon into the leeks, squeeze over

some lemon juice

and warm through for a minute or so. Finally, stir in

a dollop of creme fraiche

the toasted almonds and the drained pasta with a bit of its cooking water. Taste seasoning and finish with



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